Rumble in the Peach State ’24 – (Standouts Pt. 4)

Cumming, GA – Rumble in the Peach State was a highly anticipated event that lived up to the hype! There were a ton of high level prospects all the way from middle school to the high school ranks. Check out this 4 part series that goes in depth about several prospects that were on display.

Cam Blackman | 2028 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | HWPO
Blackman has a versatile offensive skillset for a young player. He plays stronger than his body is perceived to be. Does a good job of staying under control, even when met with physicality. He can make shots from the perimeter, sees the floor, and he can finish at the rim. As his athleticism continues to blossom, he could be an instant impact player at the high school level. Blackman’s maturity on the court is impressive for his age.

Trey Carter | 2028 | 6’4″ Wing (GA) | Prestige
Carter is a long and wiry wing prospect that looks primed to grow even more in the coming years. He does a good job of using his length to make plays on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive end, he has a nice touch on his shot and gets good lift when attacking the basket. Very intriguing long-term prospect in the 2028 class. Carter’s potential is evident in his all-around game.

Kamari Grier | 2029 | 6’7″ Forward (GA) | Team Different
Grier has an immense amount of potential. Stands close to 6’7″ as a 7th grader and has a strong frame. I like that he runs the floor and has good hands already. Despite being raw offensively, he still finds ways to get tip-ins and can go up quickly for layups. His best basketball is ahead of him. Grier’s size and potential make him a prospect to watch.

Jael Kabeya | 2030 | 6’1″ Wing (ON) | BM Elite
Very strong and nimble wing that has excellent size for a young prospect. Creative with his dribble and finished a lot of layups through excessive contact. One of the better young prospects out of Canada. Kabeya’s strength and creativity make him a standout.

Kylan Dennis | 2030 | 5’3″ Guard (GA) | GTS Basketball
Dennis is a scoring guard that is typically one of the fastest players on the floor. In multiple games, he scored over 75% of the points for his team. He consistently gets into the paint, blows by the majority of man-to-man defenders, and he has a nice floater. Dennis’ scoring ability is impressive at his age.

Mason Mastin | 2031 | 5’5″ Combo Guard (GA) | Decatur Blazers
Mastin is an advanced young combo guard that can fill up a stat sheet. He can handle the ball exceptionally well and he can shoot the basketball from long-range. Around the basket, he’s almost automatic with his floater. While he’s young, he has a very polished game for his division. Remember this name. Mastin’s skill level is impressive for his age.

Jeremiah Muse | 2031 | 5’5″ Guard (GA) | South Fulton Mavericks
Muse has a crafty game for a guard his age. He’s fast in the open floor and routinely shifts defenders completely out of his view. Jeremiah knows how to change his pace and it opens up opportunities for him to attack the basket. Muse’s quickness and creativity make him a future star.

Reason Hobbs | 2031 | 6’1″ PF (NC) | CP3
Hobbs is a big-bodied post player that plays at times like a wing. Despite being one of the bigger players in his division, he’s very mobile and has a good skillset as an offensive player. He finishes well in the paint and knows how to make great passes out of the mid-post area. Hobbs’ mobility and skill set make him a unique prospect.

Nathan Hughes | 2031 | 5’6″ Guard (GA) | Team United GSO
Hughes was a strong producer for his team and plays the game with a great feel. He was always looking to keep his teammates involved with the offense, but knew how to get his own shot when it was necessary. Him and his aforementioned teammate played well off of one another and showed the ability to flawlessly guard multiple positions on the offensive end. Hughes’ court vision and unselfish play are standout qualities.

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Jaxton Trammell | 2029 | 6’2″ Post Player (GA) | Young Buckets
Strong post player that doesn’t shy away from contact. Productive, consistent, and active in the painted area. Doesn’t venture too far away from the basket and it allows him to be consistent with his production. Trammell’s presence in the paint is always felt.

Tamir Coppins | 2029 | 5’8″ Point Guard (GA) | Team Scoot
Tamir is a cerebral point guard that has all the tools to become a dynamite guard prospect down the line. He has good court vision and a strong feel for the game. He knows how to fill the lanes in the open court, does a good job of getting everyone involved and he gets a lot of deflections on the defensive side of the ball. Coppins is one of the more polished young guards in his division. Coppins’ basketball IQ is beyond his years.

Martino Cruz | 2030 | 5’9″ Guard (TX) | Blue Chips
Cruz is a fast guard that got to his spots with consistency. Tino excels at breaking defenders down with his crossover dribble and can blow by most opponents. He finishes well around the basket with either hand. Cruz’s speed and agility are his biggest assets.

Tristan Alusma | 2029 | 5’10” Guard (GA) | Team Dynasty
Tremendous athlete that gives the game 100% on both sides of the floor. Was very difficult to keep out of the painted area and rarely was beat off the dribble on the defensive end of the ball. Alusma’s relentless effort makes him a standout on both ends of the floor. It’s easy to envision him developing into one of the more recognized players in his region. Watch closely as he develops over these next couple of seasons.

Trace Adcock | 2029 | 6’0″ Guard (GA) | Georgia Generals
Adcock is a familiar name that continues to build a strong resume in Georgia. He has unlimited range extended well past the 3-point line, but he knows how to mix it up. He breaks defenders down with his ball-handling and makes good passes over the top of most defenses. His development physically will help determine his long-term trajectory. A lot to like. Adcock’s shooting and playmaking are standout qualities.

Keelyn Johnson | 2029 | 6’1″ Guard (GA) | Jet Academy
Strong guard that can create and get physical with wings. At his best as a scorer that slashes to the basket from the wing. Loves to attack the body of defenders and can finish well through contact. Johnson’s physical play makes him a tough matchup.