Rumble in the Peach State ’24 – (Standouts Pt. 1)

Cumming, GA – Rumble in the Peach State was a highly anticipated event that lived up to the hype! There were a ton of high level prospects all the way from middle school to the high school ranks. Check out this 4 part series that goes in depth about several prospects that were on display.

Zuri McClure – Memphis War Eagles ’28 | 6’2″ SG (TN)


McClure was a dominant force all weekend for the Memphis War Eagles (TN). He possesses a powerful frame at a young age and uses his body well to create offensively. Not many players could stop him from getting downhill and scoring at the basket. In addition to his powerful style of play, he’s got a solid handle on the ball and can create with consistency from the perimeter while playing an unselfish brand of basketball. Loved how he didn’t shy away on the defensive side of the ball. Very dynamic on that end of the floor as well. He has the tools to be one of the better prospects out of Tennessee.

Cortez Hudson –
Fast Five ’28 | 6’4″ CG (AL)

Hudson is a dynamic young guard prospect that excels at multiple facets of the game. One of his best attributes is his ability to see the floor. He made excellent passes all weekend and made life easy for his teammates as long as they were active without the ball. Additionally, he can score the ball at a high level while knocking down shots from 3-point range, mid-range and he is an explosive athlete that can dunk the ball through contact. Also, he’s a pest defensively that creates a ton of problems with his length and activity. Expect to hear alot about Hudson as he continues to expand his game in the forthcoming years.

Ajani Jones | Swaveway Playaz ’29 | 5’10” CG (TX)

Jones may be as crafty as they come. He’s a pure scorer that knows how to create for himself while consistently creating for others too. A vast majority of his assists come from him getting deep into the painted area and dishing the ball out to his teammates. Defenders struggle to contain him once he decides to attack the basket. He’s got an excellent crossover dribble, top notch downhill speed and a deadly pull-up shot. His movements on the court alone make him stand out among his peers. Excited to track his growth over the course of these next few years. We could potentially be looking at a high level prospect.

Baron Flenory | Blue Chips ’30 | 5’8″ PG (TX)

Flenory is a high level lead guard that commands his team. He operates mainly to his left side, but quickly dismantled any scouting report that said he’s not adept at going to his right. No defender had consistent success staying in front of him and he broke down every type of defense that was thrown his way. He’s got tremendous open court speed, a unique ability to finish tough shots at the basket and he can knock down jumpers. There is no doubt that he’ll continue having success as he gets older. Flenory has a very mature skillset for a young point guard and can only get better.

Jabias Bradshaw 
| Carolina Rockets ’29 | 5’6″ PG (NC)

Lightning quick point guard that dominated in the matchup I saw. Finished with 24 points and 5 assists in a game that nearly went down to the wire. He’s got a great change of pace, a solid floater and an air tight handle on the basketball. Despite giving up some size, he created a lot of doubt in the mind of opposing teams guards with his pressure and quick hands. A high percentage of his scoring was at or near the basket. He knocked down a few jumpers to keep the defense honest, but if he continues expanding his game and becoming more explosive, he’ll be an incredibly tough cover for years to come.


Kaleb Taylor |
Memphis War Eagles ’29 | 6’4″ CG (TN)

Elite young prospect that has all the tools to become a star player in his class. Tremendous athlete, but has a high IQ and skill level. He’s not totally reliant on his athleticism. Does a great job of making the game easy by shooting over defenders from the mid-post. He gets to his mid-range pull-up jumper from both sides and he’s an adept finisher with either hand around the basket. He has very few peers that can matchup with him at this stage in his development. Even when he plays up, he’s a matchup nightmare. Potential to be a national level prospect.

Dante Kirksey | Carolina Celtics ’30 | 6’1″ CG (SC)

Kirksey is a young prospect that could break out at any moment in the future. He’s got excellent length, is crafty with his dribble and moves exceptionally well for a player with his size. At first glance, he looks like a long and lanky post player, but he leaves no doubt that he’s a guard. He consistently got to his spots on the floor with his handle and converted at a high rate near the basket. As his game and body continues to grow, his production should follow suit. Kirksey was one of the better young guard prospects that was on display in his division.

Joziah Graves | Team United GSO ’31 | 5’6″ PG (NC)

Graves is a young guard that plays beyond his years. His presence alone at the guard spot put his team in positions to win every game. Whatever you need Graves to do, he can make it happen. Scoring? He can light it up from the outside and he can get to the basket. Passing? He can drop dimes in the painted area or he can penetrate and dish to open shooters. It was exciting to observe how composed he was against different types of defenses in each matchup. Keep an eye on this young guard.

Marcus Taylor | 
E2G ’30 | 5’10” CG (GA)

Taylor can flat out score the basketball. Once he gets downhill, there are few that have success keeping him from scoring the ball. He’s got good size for a combo guard, rarely ever stops moving and he’s a tricky creator with his dribbling. When teams go into zone defenses against him, he lights them up from the outside and even still has success breaking down the zone while getting to the basket. On the defensive side of the ball, he gets a lot of deflections by staying active and having good anticipation skills. This is a young player to track and watch as he continues developing.

Kei-sean Roberts | Decatur Blazers ’30 | 5’3″ PG (GA)

Roberts is a pure young point guard that plays like a seasoned veteran. Nobody in his division can speed him up. He moves at his own pace, whether it be a breakneck pace or a slow and steady pace. When the ball is in his hands, his team offense operates with an unreal efficiency. He isn’t fazed at all by intense defensive pressure. Every matchup he was in, he was able to break down virtually every type of defender with his ball-handling ability. Once he gets to his spots, he makes excellent reads. Rarely ever does he turn the ball over. True point guards are hard to find, so I expect Kei-sean to be a topic of discussion for years to come.