Rumble in the Peach State: Bruton’s Class of 2028 Standouts

Cumming, GA – Next Generation Sports ( recently held the Rumble in the Peach State that has quickly become one of the most competitive events in the southeast region. In this article, I decided to discuss some of the up and coming talent who made an impression this past weekend.

Blaze Johnson | 5’7” G | Game Elite Spann 2028 (GA)

This young left-handed guard has been a steady presence at each stage. He’s got a lot of pop to his game. Off the dribble, he gets to his moves quickly and will shake a defender out of sight if they aren’t careful. On top of his quick twitch ball-handling moves, he’s got a fast pull-up jumper that he makes with great efficiency. Look for him to develop into one of the better pure scorers in his area.

Kaden Lewis | 5’3” PG | Team SAC 2028 (AL)

This young floor general is one of the more exciting guards to watch. He’s got a ton of charisma to go along with his elite ball-handling skills. Nobody could stay in front of him and he got to his spots at will. His passing ability is top notch at this stage and he’s developing as a scorer.

Trace Hawkins | 5’6” G | D.U.K.E. 2028 (GA)

Hawkins shows vast improvement after every game. He’s got a natural pace and feel for the game that allows him to produce efficiently against every level of competition. His ability to create off the dribble and make deep range jump shots makes him a huge threat on every offensive possession. Look forward to Trace becoming an impact player immediately as he grows.

Dominion Whitaker | 5’9” G | AE5 2028 (GA)

Whitaker is a natural scorer that can pour points on quickly. At the 6th grade level, he’s got good size for a guard, great strength and he’s a strong shot maker when his feet are set. He’s not afraid to mix it up and will take smaller guards down to the post where he exploits their lack of size around the basket. He’s been a consistent leading scorer at every event so far.

Braylon Williams | 5’2” PG | D.U.K.E. 2028 (GA)

Williams was another excellent point guard in the 6th grade division. Teams that are used to pressuring the ball had no success doing so when the ball was in his hands. He’s got a tight handle, excels at changing speeds and his court vision alone makes him a deadly threat at all times. The feel for the game with this kid is astounding. If you’re a coach and have a ball-handler like this kid on your team, you’re going to win a ton of games.

Kamari Trotter | 5’9” W | Promise Elite 2028 (GA)

Trotter has what many would call an “old school” game. He exposes whatever weaknesses there are in the defense. If a taller or bigger defender is guarding him, he breaks them down off the dribble and creates havoc with paint touches. If a smaller defender is on him, he takes them down to the post and attacks relentlessly. If there were full stats, he’d undoubtedly be one of the top free throw attempts leaders.