Therell Gutted out an Intense Home Win Against Walker.

Therell High School (Atlanta, GA)
Therell gutted out an intense home win against Walker. Quay Bailey (featured picture) posted 14 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks, while Andrew Taylor added 12 points, 7 assists, 3 steals to lead the way for the Panthers. Bailey and Taylor are both “undersized” for their positions, but play with the biggest heart on the floor.

Laquavios Bailey 6’4″ Sophomore

Laquavious Bailey is a 2024 underrated Forward standing at 6’4”. He held his own against Walker’s Moustapha Diop who stands at 6’8”. Bailey’s game is predicated on his basketball IQ, energy and effort. Impressively enough, Bailey knows the game of basketball inside out. As he continues to develop his skill set he has the opportunity to become an elite forward. The intangibles are there and they’re so embedded into him that they result in high level production on the floor. Bailey plays both ends of the floor and can guard the 2-5 positions. Bailey is one of my new favorite players. I’m looking forward to seeing his skill set enhanced which will take his game to another level. 

Freshman Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor, 2026 lead guard is one of those guys that comes around every now and then that you know will be special. They say don’t read too much into the production a player has at camps and showcases, but I’m here to tell you Taylor is the exception. The player I saw at The Elite 60 over the summer plays with the same grit, hunger, speed, quickness, unselfishness and leadership that was on display then. The only difference is Taylor increased every single attribute I named. That’s astounding for a freshman. Taylor is a force and a handful to plan for. Don’t let his diminutive stature fool you. He’s a three level scorer, pesky on ball defender, and a coach on the floor that is constantly improving. In the loaded 2026 class just in Georgia, Taylor is a top guard. 

Walker High School (Marietta, GA)

Moustapha Diop 6’8” Freshman 

Diop showed flashes of what to expect for the next 4 years tonight. He led all scorers with 16 points and added 10 rebounds too. Diop’s not even scratching the surface of what he can be. Diop is long and athletic with a solid post presence. This freshman is not done growing literally and figuratively. Diop has high major potential.

Bilal Benjamin is a professional journalist and basketball scout. Benjamin has evaluated some of the best in grassroots on circuits such as MADE and Marqee Hoops to the Elite Circuits such NIKE EYBL and UAA. Bilal is currently a journalist for the NBA G-League, and an evaluator for Pangos All-American Camp and Hoop Group. Benjamin is also founder and chief journalist of 1st Love Basketball and creator of The Basketball Journal. Bilal can be followed on Instagram @1stlove.b and Twitter @1stloveb