All-Star Weekend Prime Performers (Part 3)


Victoriah Foster | Bay Creek | Gwinnett | 2028

Foster took a lot of pressure off of her teammates by always being there to help them on defense and causing turnovers in the process. Her defense is elite and she takes pride on that end of the floor. Foster forced jump balls, steals and swatted a few shots during All-Star Weekend. Offensively, Foster doesn’t slow down as she’s adamant about ball movement and making the right play.

Naysa Brewer | Glenn C. James | Gwinnett | 2027

Brewer is a beast to say the least! She is a true two way player that runs the floor and give the extra effort. She had some exceptional blocks and displayed core fundamentals boxing other players out to secure rebounds. Brewer ran the floor to get easy buckets and scored multiple buckets through contact.

Jada Davis | Creekland | Gwinnett | 2027

Miss Davis was a force to be reckoned with every game she played in. Davis dominated the low-mid post, along with showing off she can hit the long ball on occasion. Davis was out to control the game on offense and defense. From sweet power moves in the paint to playing the passing lanes on defense she let it be known these other young ladies will have to deal with her for years to come.

Suri Clark | Oakhill Middle | Baldwin | 2027

Clark’s paint presence was hard not to notice. She is disciplined enough to keep her hands straight up and alter shots. Clark used her length and frame to establish position on the offense end and make her guards job easy. As she continues to develop, Clark will be a player lead guards will love to play with.

Braalyn Whitehead | McConnell | Gwinnett | 2028

Whitehead is trending upward. She consistently directed teammates to the right spots on the floor and made countless plays. Her mid-range game was pure and on point. The patience she displayed was her way of leading by example, because her team followed. Her basketball instincts were steps ahead of opposing players.


CJ Jordan II | Dickerson | Cobb | 2027

Jordan II is a do it all forward that gives maximum energy and effort on both ends of the floor. He had solid finishes and ran the floor hard to get in position to get easy baskets. A few times he cleaned the glass, pushed the ball in transition and made quality plays. He moves his feet well on defense when guarding perimeter players and plays physical with technique in the post. Jordan II is a prospect to watch.

BJ Love | Wheeler | Cobb | 2027

Love is another two way guard that made his presence felt on both ends every play and every game of All-Star Weekend. Seeing players play both ends in today’s game is a step in the right direction. Love has the ball on a string and had one of the highlights of All-Star Weekend making one defender fall, along with twisting multiple players up. His ball handling created massive opportunities for team and kept them extremely competitive.

Amare Temple | McConnell | Gwinnett | 2027

Temple has pure scoring instincts. His lethal scoring came in a variety of ways and in elite fashion. Temple’s slashing through the lane kept the defense on their heels. He even knocked down a few triples to show off his versatility. He has next level inclination to get a bucket. That will translate well into high school.

James Scott | Mount Paran | Cobb | 2027

Players that are all over the court and willing to do whatever it takes to win are usually the coaches favorite. James Scott defines that. He roamed around on offense with and without the ball, making the defense shift and miss assignments. He can play as a combo guard with the way he scores the ball, but having him on the ball is something a coach would love due to his decision making and unselfishness.

William Gause | Bay Creek | Gwinnett | 2027

Gause is ultra assertive on defense. He understands basic man to man principles can easily defend positions 2-4 on the floor. With his length he disrupts the passing lanes and makes ball handlers look to protect the ball even more with him defending them. Offensively, he’s very patient and lets the game come to him. Gause is an excellent cutter and can operate out of triple threat position.