Bruton’s Standouts | Rumble in the Peach State 23′

First Last Team Year Position Height Scouting
Ethan Montague Carolina Kings 2023 SG 6′ 4″ Outstanding shooter that can put the ball on the floor and can make the highlight play above the rim. Elite one footed jumping ability and a natural born scorer.
Christian Johnson Norcross Heat 2024 CG 6′ 1″ Hyper athletic combo guard that can create for others and create for himself. Will throw it down in transition, makes ball-handlers uncomfortable with pressure and hits tough shots.
Brennan Wansley Team S.M.A.S.H. HGSL 2024 SG 6′ 3″ Springy guard prospect that impacts the games with or without the ball in his hands. Excellent rebounder for a guard that has a high motor and a good feel for the game. Scholarship level prospect.
Mike White Team S.M.A.S.H. HGSL 2024 SG 6′ 2″ Has all the tools to be a D1 guard. Scores the ball at a very high level and gets to his spots consistently. Very elusive off the dribble and has a sturdy frame. Can fill it up with the best.
Bryce Dawson Tri City Elite 2025 G 6′ 5″ Very athletic guard with length and a good ability to stay locked in. Defends well, knocks down open shots and creates.
Jacoby Hill Tri City Elite 2025 G 6′ 4″ Outstanding all-aroud player that has the body and athleticism to dominate the high school level. Does everything well. Potential high major recruit.
Dee Sparks Tri City Elite 2025 SG 6′ 2″ High level shooter that can put the ball on the floor when needed. If you leave him open, he’ll knock down shot after shot.
Christian Braxton IBA 2025 G 6′ 1″ Strong guard that has very good pace, IQ and feel for the game. Was able to control the flow of games without scoring, but can score when needed.
Collin Ross GSW 2025 SF 6′ 7″ Very long and agile wing with developing ability. Showed the skill necessary to play the wing on offense and dominated defensively as a shotblocker.
Matlock Gemberling GSW 2025 SG 6′ 3″ Very athletic guard prospect that wore down the majority of his opponents by constantly being in attack mode. Gets over the rim for acrobatic finishes and has a deadly pull-up jumpshot.
Michael Smith Soo Fresh Supreme 2025 SG 6′ 4″ Very tricky and crafty guard that lives in the painted area off the dribble. Has a nice floater and can float in the air to change his shot around the rim. Very solid scoring guard.
JJ Gallagher LAA Elite 2025 SG 6′ 5″ Smooth scoring guard with good length and a nice floater. Makes quick decisions with the ball in his hands and uses minimal dribbles to get to his spots. Tough shot making ability.
Tamiel Green Team 24/7 2025 C 6’10” Very tall and sizeable post prospect that showed flashes of developing athleticism. Finishes well around the basket, had a few fastbreak opportunities handling the ball and will dunk the ball through contact.
Kevin Harper Team 24/7 2025 PG 6′ 1″ Super quick and fast guard that displays good strength with the ball. Can get into the paint, knocks down mid-range jumpers and makes good passes out of the pick and roll.
Khaven Cochran Georgia Travelers 2025 SG 6′ 1″ Ulltra athletic combo guard that is at his best in scoring mode. Gets good lift on his jumpshot, attacks the rim at different angles and finishes well on both sides of the rim. Gifted scorer.
Jayddence Ford Tri City Elite 2026 PG 5′ 9″ Lightning quick point guard that dominated at times while playing up an age group. Makes shots from long distance and can finish over taller players. Excellent creator.
Addison Dyer East Atlanta 6ers 2026 PG 6′ 0″ Elite ball-handler that can get to whatver spot he wants. Incredibly shifty and keeps defenders reeling. Could be downright scary to defend when making shots.
Matt Allen IBA 2026 PG 6′ 0″ Crafty guard prospect that gets to the cup and creates jumpers well off the dribble. Despite playing up, he was able to impose his will on games.
D’Quill Osbey Jr. Triple Threat 2026 CG 6′ 1″ Strong guard that uses his frame well to create his own offense. Makes shots from all over the floor whether it’s a 3 pointer or a tough finish inside through contact.
Xavier Tiller Atlanta Kings 2026 PF 6′ 6″ Physically imposing post presence with excellent agility. Rebounds the ball at an elite level and finishes well around the basket. Showed flashes of ball-handling ability.
Will Dopfer Redline Elite 2026 SF 6′ 5″ Very athletic frontcourt prospect that is underrated as a creator with the ball in his hands. Plays hard, rebounds the ball well and can defend both frontcourt positions.
Carmelo Williams Atlanta Outsidaz 2027 G 6′ 0″ Very athletic young guard that plays hard and makes the right plays. Will be a very good all around player at the high school level.
Engin McCarthy Elevate Huskies 2027 G 6′ 2″ Cerebral guard that can score it from the perimeter and has good post skills for a guard. Versatile offensive threat.
Isaiah Chandler Game Elite 3SSB 2027 SG 6′ 2″ Big-time shot maker that can reel off jumpshot after jumpshot in mulitple consecutive possessions. Knocked fown 4 triples in the matchup against Mpire. Has good length and overall skill level.
Galen Roberts Georgia Gators 2027 SF 6′ 6″ Versatile wing that excels on the defensive end. Offensively is a work in progress, but shows flashes of a wing that could become a dominating inside-outside scoring threat. Great tools.
Malachi Edgell Georgia Gators 2027 CG 6′ 2″ Guard with length and high level potential. Very quick left-handed guard that can pull-up for a jumper on a dime. Length creates havoc defensively. Strong prospect.
Braydon Langston Norcross Heat 2027 SG 6′ 3″ Very lengthy and active guard prospect that has immense long-term potential. A year young for his class and is excellent at alot of things. A player colleges should track early.
David Askew YSE 2027 PF 6′ 6″ Powerful post presence that dominates the glass and has a high motor. He can get above the rim and dunk it in traffic and he’s a stout shot blocker. One of the better true bigs in his class.
Omari Chaudhry Game Elite 3SSB 2027 CG 6′ 2″ Left handed lead guard that has the skill and IQ of a high major point guard. Dominates every facet of the game offensively and has a next level handle. Currently, there aren’t many on his level.
Cameron Pritchett Game Elite 3SSB 2027 SF 6′ 4″ Burly young frontcourt player that is strong, athletic and plays with a high level of intensity. Will throw it down in transition and isn’t afraid to mix it up with bigger players.
Zarion Hobbs 7th Nation 2027 PG 5′ 9″ Elite shot maker that can get whatever he wants off the dribble. Always in attack mode and can pile up points in a hurry from the 3 point line. Can develop into a bigtime scoring point guard.
Jeremiah Glaspie 7th Nation 2027 SG 6′ 2″ Elite athlete that dominated games on both ends of the floor with his leaping ability, shot blocking, above the rim finishes and presence. Underrated playmaker off the dribble and exceptional rebounding guard.
Jamarion Washington 7th Nation 2027 CG 6′ 0″ Lefty that is at his best when getting downhill and driving to the basket. Is very strong and crafty off the bounce. Lives at the free throw line. Good athlete.
Zach Graves Mpire Elite Taz 2027 CG 6′ 0″ Left-handed combo that has a strong and sturdy frame. Has an excellent first step and a deep bag of moves off the dribble that he uses to create for himself and his teammates. Potential to be a bigtime scorer.
Taj Saragba Mpire Elite Taz 2027 PF 6′ 7″ Impressive frontcourt prospect that dunks everything around the rim, blocks shots and showed ability to stretch the floor in spurts. Left hand dominant, athletic and quick around the rim.
Abel Trotman Mpire Elite Taz 2027 CG 6′ 0″ Pure scoring guard that can put the ball in the basket in mulitple ways. He’s good operating out of the pick and roll. Also adept at creating from isolation situations.
Kaiden Smith Mpire Elite Taz 2027 SG 6′ 0″ Smooth scoring guard that is at his best in catch and shoot situations. Attacks closeouts well and moves good off of the ball. Has the potential to become a strong all around scorer.
Tristan Mitchell Game Elite 3SSB 2027 PG 5’10” Pure point guard that has the ability to score it at a high level from the pick and roll. Makes very good post feeds and stays level headed even against different types of defensive pressure.
Terry Riggins TSG Hoops 2027 CG 6′ 0″ Despite playing up an age group, Riggins showed that he can fill it up off the dribble and off the catch. Has a quick trigger, gets downhill and can make shots from all angles.
Antonio McGaughey Memphis War Eagles 2027 SG 6′ 3″ Elite athlete that has a good feel for the game. Locks in defensively moving his feet, rebounds well for a guard, has a nigfty left to righ crossover and can rise above the rim for finishes. College prospect.
CJ Jordan East Cobb Playmakers 2027 SF 6′ 5″ Big wing that can play the guard positions in spurts. Mostly operates from the left side of the floor, but is an adept playmaker that sees over the top of defenses.
Christian Dixon Atlanta Xpress 2027 CG 6′ 0″ Excellent guard that handles well with either hand, creates for his teammates and makes timely plays on both ends of the floor. Can score it in bunches and gets a ton of deflections.
Lucai Anderson J Smoove Celtics 2027 PG 6′ 0″ Elite shot making ability. Left handed sharpshooting guard that has creativity off the bounce, moves well without the ball and doesn’t get sped up. Has the makings of a serious college prospect.
Nasir Anderson J Smoove Celtics 2027 PG 6′ 1″ Electric guard with the ball in his hands. Gets downhill and attacks the paint with ferocity. Finishes well with his left, mixes defenders up with his crossover dribble and doesn’t back down.
Amare Temple Atlanta Outsidaz 2027 CG 5’10” Strong and powerful guard that attacks the basket well. Can get to his pull-up jumper from the perimeter and has ability to be a stout defensive player when locked in.
Jahmar Maurice Freebandz W.A.O 2028 CG 5’10” Powerfully built young guard that impacts the game in many ways. Is too strong for most guards his age and is too skilled for guards that are older. At his best getting downhill and making a play.
Deonte Jiles Freebandz W.A.O 2028 CG 6′ 3″ Extremely athletic guard for a player his age. Gets above the rim and attacks the basket well after getting downhill. There isn’t much he can’t do at this stage. It’s early, but a definite college prospect.
Jayden Richie Team Huncho 2028 SG 6′ 2″ Very athletic scoring presence that defends well. Rebounds the ball well for a bigger guard and attacks the painted area well as a faceup offensive threat.
Cortez Hudson Fast Five 2028 SF 6′ 3″ Do it all wing that shows great versatility on both ends of the floor. Can guard mulitple positions on defense and can play mulitple positions offensively. Very athletic and fast with the ball.
Cayden Freeman YSE 2028 SG 5’11” Smooth attacking guard that scores the ball well around the basket. Finishes with a high floater off the glass and has a nose for the ball. Could develop into a dynamic scorer in time.
Ja’Ray Tyler Memphis War Eagles 2029 PG 5′ 7″ Smooth scoring lead guard that creates with ease off the dribble and gets his teammates involved. Makes timely shots, has the clutch gene and gets after it defensively.
Tyreek Williams Memphis War Eagles 2029 C 6′ 2″ Incredibly strong young post presence that dominates inside. Has good footwork and excels at using the dropstep move to create space.
Nick Anderson Memphis War Eagles 2029 SG 5’11” Very athletic young guard that can push the ball up the floor in transition and gets near the rim on his finishes. His agility and size creates mismatch problems.
Babar Johnson Upward Stars 2029 PG 5′ 9″ Incredibly crafty young guard that finishes well on both sides of the basket and creates plays consistently. Has good strength for a young guard.
Cornelious Moore Upward Stars 2029 SF 6′ 4″ Tremendous young prospect. Dominated all weekend using his length to patrol the paint and used his soft touch to score at will aroud the basket. Could become an elite prospect.
Ethan Banks Wood Elite 2029 C 6′ 5″ Imposing low post threat that towers over the defenses. Incredibly surprising ability to use his footwork from the perimeter and inside. Can develop into a high level low post threat one day.
Symeon Watson Atlanta Celtics 2029 SF 6′ 4″ Freakishly long wing prospect for his grade. I was thoroughly surprised to see him handling the ball and creating shots from the perimeter. Has good form and moves well. Track him early.
Trace Adcock Georgia Generals 2029 CG 5′ 7″ Have had several glimpses of Adcock now. Fearless shooter that can mix it up off the dribble and will his team to a win. Team player that makes everyone around him better. Top notch young prospect.
Cord Burrell Georgia Generals 2029 PF 5’10” Mismatch waiting to happen. He’s got good size for a player his age and can make plays inside or outside from the perimeter. Very cerebral offensive threat that outplays matchups with his versatility.
Dorian Douglas D-Elite 2029 PG 5′ 7″ True point guard that doesn’t look to initate offense for himself. Gets everybody involved but keeps defenses honest with timely jumpshots and quick drives to the cup. Standout point guard in his division.
Josiah Dempsey Decatur Blazers 2030 SG 5′ 8″ Left handed guard that can absolutely fill it up! Had a dominant performance in the championship matchup en route to scoring 23 points. Knocks down jumpers at a high level and gets to the cup.
Kei’Sean Roberts Decatur Blazers 2030 PG 5′ 3″ Cat quick point guard that plays the right way. Takes care of the basketball, distributes the ball and scores it when needed. Has a really good feel at an early age. Can be dominant.
Ayden Harris Skill Boost Academy 2030 SF 6′ 0″ Very long, tall and agile young wing. Surprisingly skilled with the ball in his hands. Most players his age with his size are post players, but he can handle the ball in transition and create off the dribble.
Jace Moore Hustle 2030 SG 5′ 7″ Lenghty young guard that has great intangibles. Made some very impressive passes the full length of the floor and from the halfcourt setting. Creates well for himself as well off the dribble. One to monitor.
Samuel Wilson CKY Hoopers 2030 PF 5’10” Young big with some skill and high IQ offensive ability. Utilizes the pump fake well to set up drives. Was able to create at times off the dribble and is hard to stop to his right. Strong all around post presence.