Rumble in the Peach State: Bruton’s Class of 2026 Standouts

Cumming, GA – Next Generation Sports ( recently held the Rumble in the Peach State that has quickly become one of the most competitive events in the southeast region. In this article, I decided to discuss some of the up and coming talent who made an impression this past weekend.

Emmanuel Green | 6’6” W | AE5 Platinum (GA)

Green has all of the tools to become one of the most coveted players in his class. His combination of height and skill are impressive for a player so young. He’s able to play above the rim, has big hands and on top of his scoring ability, he’s a willing passer that keeps everyone involved. Defensively, he’s adept at garnering steals and is a solid weak side shot blocker. Look for him to break out sooner than later.

Troy Stiggers | 6’3 | Norcross Heat (GA)

This young wing is fearless. He’s been a consistent top performer at multiple events for his Norcross Heat team. He’s got good strength and skill to create for himself down low. However, he’s got good lift on his jump shot allowing him to operate from the mid-range area all the way out to 3pt range.

Andre Sherrod | 5’9” G | Norcross Heat (GA)

This kid is a top tier passer at this stage. Sherrod does a good job of creating scoring opportunities for others. Had an 8 assist to 1 turnover game in his quarterfinal matchup. For a player with his size, he shows good strength, body control and feel for the game.

Jayddence Ford | 5’7” PG | Mpire Elite (GA)

There is so much to be said, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. This kid is a few inches in height away from being a bigtime guard prospect. He plays the game with a high motor and scores with a blistering efficiency. In one game, he dropped 40+ out of his teams 50+ points to will them to the win column. Once he gets going, he’s hard to contain due to his shooting ability and basketball IQ. Could develop into one of the top scorers in his class.

D’nharayane Vital | 6’10” C | LOFDL 2026 (LA)

It’s hard to miss Vital due to him standing 6’10”, but what is more impressive was his ability to rebound the ball and keep the ball high. Quietly, Vital dominated games as a shot blocker and a rebounding machine. His potential development as a low post offensive threat will take him to new levels in recruiting circles.

Frank Jackson | 6’2” G | Atlanta Kings (GA)

Sometimes it can be hard to stand out on a team with such great talent (Andrew Taylor, Michael Scott), but Jackson found his way to make his presence felt. Defensively, he guarded virtually every position and offensively he found ways to put the ball in the basket. He made plays from the mid-range area and wreaked havoc with his ability to score off of offensive rebounds.

Jayden London | 6’6” F | Game Elite (GA)

Arguably, London may have been the breakout performer of the event. His length, activity and finishing ability gave every team fits. He is able to play much bigger than his 6’6” frame suggests because of his long arms and timing as a rebounder. As a screener, he does a solid job of showing a target to receive pocket passes. If his faceup shooting and ball-handling continues to rapidly improve, he can be one of the better players in Georgia.

Denovian Flowers | 5’10” G | Atlanta Outsidaz (GA)

Flowers has been a consistent bright spot for the Outsidaz. He’s got a knack for scoring the ball and making the right play as a primary ball-handler. His ability to take over a game is impressive to watch. What I like most about him is his willingness to commit to sit down and defend ball-handlers the full length of the court.

Amare James | 6’3” G | Game Elite (GA)

Once Amare gets going, he’s one of the deadliest scorers in his class. He’s got the size to play in the backcourt or the frontcourt and he’s got a good shooting touch. The confidence he plays with is contagious and rubs off on his teammates. As his athleticism continues to develop long term, you can envision him becoming a hot name in the southeast region.

Shelby Cherry Jr | 5’10” G | TSG Hoops (NC)

Cherry made a statement early into his first game. From the jump ball, he made it a priority to get the ball and attack the basket. At the moment, he specializes in breaking defenders down off the dribble to get downhill. Once he’s around the basket, he’s an excellent finisher. He also has a nice pull-up jumper that he utilized with great efficiency over the weekend.

Karez Demory | 6’0” G | AE5 Platinum 2026 (GA)

Demory was one of the most exciting ball-handlers to watch. He’s got some nifty moves and loves to get into the paint. Once he gets going off the dribble, defenders have a hard time staying in front of him. As he continues to fine-tune his game, I expect this homeschool product to make quite the name for himself.

Chase Stuart | 6’3” G | Fast Five (AL)

Stuart will have an opportunity to be one of the better players in his class one day depending on his development. He’s got excellent length, quickness and shiftiness to his game. Most players that have a similar frame and similar game end up becoming the most sought after prospects in their respective regions. If he continues to dominate on the offensive side of the ball and use his length to dominate defensively, his face will quickly become recognizable on the east coast.