Mathurine’s Team to Watch

Columbia came into the tournament 6-0 and picked up an impressive win over Booker T. Washington. Booker T. Washington possesses a lot of size and young raw talent, so to see the young guards take it to them left me wanting more. Lead by junior guard Jaden Baugh, he made a huge impact from his frame to his physicality of play. Looking at him he stands out with his size alone and after further research he is also listed as one of the top players in the state for football. He used that toughness to get to the basket at will and set himself up for easy buckets connecting at the free throw line.

Opposite of him was another Junior guard, Trevian Calloway that was much smoother and you can tell hoops is his thing. Calloway, controlled the tempo a bit and got his players in position to score. Rashad Headges has been a player we’ve kept tabs on for quite some time back to his AOT days, and he provides that defensive presence and grit for them. Lastly, what makes me think this team can do some damage down the line is their big 6’9 center they have in Terrell Wright (Sr.). He is a bit of a raw talent offensively, and if they can get him going on that end look out. Defensively he was a solid rim protector and the space eater they needed to cover the defensive end.

Columbia have the tools to continue this successful season and would love to see it continue to translate into more wins. Not many other teams will have the size for them so I’m going to tab them as a possible early sleeper and revisit this back come playoff time.

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Jaron Pierre-Mathurine is a graduate of Valdosta State.  Jaron served as a journalist for InTheGame magazine and editor for SUVTV.  Jaron is also the founder of sports blog “The Mathurine Agency.” Follow Jaron on twitter and Instagram @mathurineagency